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Marcelo's Case Studies

Launch Plugins

Creating a Learning Resource Platform for learning how to create plugins for ChatGPT

LaunchPlugins on the Web

Introduction permalink

ChatGPT is the most used chatbot in the world. It reached this position thanks to its ability to interact with humans in a natural and fluid way.

OpenAI gave us, the developers, the possibility to create plugins for ChatGPT and publish them in the Plugin Store. The process behind this was not straightforward. But after a few months, the community has developed tools and platforms to make this process easier. I helped other developers to create their first plugins and I realized that there was a lack of documentation and tutorials to help them.

Introducing LaunchPlugins

What is LaunchPlugins? permalink

LaunchPlugins is a platform that aims to be the source of information for all kind of developers who want to create plugins for ChatGPT. It will be a place where you can find tutorials, documentation, and other resources to help you develop your first plugin or find the right tool for your plugin.

Software Information permalink

  • Project technology: Docusaurus, React, TailwindCSS
  • Industry: Free Learning Platform
  • Work Duration: ≈1 months
  • Version: 1.0

Features permalink

  • Tutorials for the most used tools to create plugins
  • List of publishing platforms

Background permalink

Throughout the 2023, many possibilities have been opened to extend the functionality of ChatGPT and make it more useful.

One of the possibilities is to create plugins that allow ChatGPT to be used with other platforms. And integration never seen before for a chatbot, or even an intelligent assistant.

Development Process permalink

The development of LaunchPlugins began with the writing of the first tutorials. I remember publishing a tutorial in and also giving an interview with the Autocode community about the process of creating plugins. So I used these resources to create the introductions.

Now that's for the content, but what about the platform?

I used Docusaurus to create the platform. Docusaurus is a static site generator for documentation sites. It is open-source and maintained by Meta. It is built using React and it is very easy to use, but also quite limited in terms of design customization.

I designed covers and illustrations for the tutorials and the platform.

License permalink

References permalink